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01 Long life
  • Over 100-year service life
  • Seismic strength up to 9 degrees
  • Wind resistance, can withstand high winds above level 12
02 Short duration
  • 60 Hours Baggage Check-in
  • Interior design and decoration completed simultaneously
  • Modeling is flexible and flexible, and space efficiency is high
03 Energy conservation
  • Winter warm summer cool green energy saving and environmental protection
  • Indoor use area can reach 92%
  • More than 30% power consumption can be saved in one year
04 Wide use
  • It can be used in many kinds of construction projects
  • Moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, etc., eliminating other functional building materials
  • It can even be used directly, factory style fashionable atmosphere

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Guangdong Shengqida Construction Technology Co., Ltd. is a large group enterprise with steel structure manufacturing and industrialized green residence as the pillar industry. The construction company has the first-level qualification of municipal public utilities, general contracting of construction projects, steel structure engineering and other engineering specialties approved by the Ministry of Construction, and the second-level qualification of construction engineering design. Set construction engineering design, construction contract and steel structure materials, new wall materials, steel products and so on....





常见问题/ Common problem

  • 如何保养和清洁腌制机?


  • 煮面炉如何去保养与清洁?


  • 汉堡机的操作步骤?汉堡机如

    1、先放6(12)个汉堡包盖于无柄铲上(包面向下),小心地插入发热板的下方; 2、然后将烘包机的手柄用力往后面拉,......

  • 滤油车如何安装?

    1、把滤油网放进滤油袋。 2、滤油网的抽油孔方向与滤油袋圆孔方向同向。 3、将滤油纸口折边。 4、将安装好滤油纸......

  • 滤油车的保养与清洁?


  • 碳酸饮料机的只出水无糖浆



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